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Je suis ravie de vous accueillir à la Conciergerie du Lot. Ce projet me permet de mettre à disposition mes connaissances dans l'hygiène du linge et des locaux, la transmission à mes équipiers et l'amélioration continue du service aux clients.

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Originally from the Lot, our journey began as city dwellers.

In 2005, we acquired our first barn "to renovate", located opposite the family home in Laborie. This initial project allowed us to go back to basics, to build links with local artisans and our neighbors.

Subsequently, we acquired a second barn, located just 100 meters from the first, then more recently, the barn of the Château deprès, a historic monument currently being restored.

Over the years, we have put our own accommodation up for seasonal rental, whether by the sea or in the city, and have enjoyed working with the platforms, developing enriching contacts with travelers, and collaborating with local concierge services.

When we began to rent our barn in the Lot, we decided to take a new step by creating our own concierge service!

Our goal is to offer other owners the opportunity to generate additional income by leveraging our experience and passion for hospitality.

So, seasonal rentals concierge service has become our job, an exciting adventure that we are delighted to share with you!

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Confiez-nous votre logement en location saisonnière courte durée, "on s'occupe de tout"

The Lot is our passion

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